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Littelfuse cross reference Bussmann

LSCR001 Littelfuse fuse block|Bussmann cross 1BS101

LSCR001 Littelfuse fuse block|Bussmann cross 1BS101


Description :Description Littelfuse LSCR Series is a comprehensive line of modular fuse blocks, designed to accommodate a wide range of High-Speed and UL Power Fuses. These LSCR Series blocks have modular stud type design that enables easy mounting in panel boards.

Stock quantity(PCS) :500

Lead time ( Weeks ) :1

Categories:DC fuse holder; Fuse block; Fuse holder; Bussmann fuse holder cross; Littelfuse fuse holder cross;


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New energy DC 1000V fuse base

Corresponding installation of fuse  

Littlefuse   klc l15s l25s l50s l60s l70s L17T JLLS JLLN L50QS L70QS SPFJ 

Bussmann  FWH  FWP BS88 170M  LPJ(AP>70A)

Features/Benefits • Modular design reduces inventory requirements 

• Sold in pairs for convenience 

• Supplied with nut and belleville washer

 • 200kA Short-circuit withsand rating

 • Constructed of molded phenolic (with plated steel studs) provide greater heat dissapation

Specifications Voltage Rating 700 V / 1000 V 

Ampere Ratings 400A, 800A and 1200A 

Withstand Rating 200kA

Country of Origin:

 LSCR0xx - China LSCR1xx - USA

Littelfuse cross reference Bussmann

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