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Bussmann EV fuse|EV30-400|500VDC fuse

Bussmann EV fuse|EV30-400|500VDC fuse


Description :Bussmann EV fuse 400AMP 500VDC electric car dc fuse

Stock quantity(PCS) :100

Lead time ( Weeks ) :6

Categories:500VDC fuse; Fast acting fuse; Semiconductor fuse; EV fuse; EV charger fuse.


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Electric vehicle power fuses —500 Vdc, 50-400 A

Fuse Ratings 

•Volts - 500 Vdc 

•Amps – 50-400 A 

•Interrupting rating 

•Max DC – 20 kA 

•Min DC 200%



 •    20 mm fuses: 250 fuses per box

 •    25 mm fuses: 100 fuses per box

 •    30 mm fuses: 100 fuses per box 

Fuse Cross Reference:

Bussmann Mersen

Family fuses:

fuse PN

fuse Description


Bussmann EV Fuse 200A 500VDC S30


225A 500VDC fuse fast blown


EV Fuse 250A 500VDC semiconductor fuse


500VDC 300A EV Fuse


Bussmann Fuse 500VDC 350A Diameter 30mm


5000VDC Fuse 400A S30 fast acting

What's the EV fuse voltage?

70VDC_EVH series

500VDC_ EV10, EV20, EV30, EV40, EV60 series;

800VDC_170M series;

1000VDC_EVK series

About  ABPower

As Beam Electric Limited(Called: AB Power),Founded in Y2011.
We are 10 years distributors for Bussmann, Littlefuse, Eaton, ABB, Schneider, TE ,Molex, Weidmuller, Mitsubishi etc.
We are a solution provider focus on power electrical products.
AB Power provides immediate shipment of fuses,breakers, contactors, connectors etc from our extensive inventory.

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Our Team:

1, Most of us used to work in Bussmann, ABB, Eaton etc companies. Professional on selecting fuses/breakers to you;

2, Most of us working in ABPower more than 2 years. Stable service to customers.

Why us:  

1. On time delivery;

2. 20% cost saving;

3. Quick response;

4. Adequate stocks

You can ask any Bussmann fuse and fuse cross reference.

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