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Bussmann|DC1000V fuse|250A~500A

Bussmann|DC1000V fuse|250A~500A


Description :Description High speed bolted tags high speed fuse links for the protection of IGBT modules, optimised for use in IGBT inverter circuits with DC link rated voltages up to 1000 V d.c.. Low inductance d 20nH.

Stock quantity(PCS) :0

Lead time ( Weeks ) :6

Categories:DC1000V FUSE; 1000VDC FUSE; BUSSMANN dc fuse.


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Technical data Rated voltage: 1000 V d.c. tested at 1150 V d.c. according to IEC 60269-4 1000 V d.c. tested at 1000 V d.c. according to UL 248-1 Rated current: 25-500 A Breaking capacity: 50 kA DC (1ms tc) Operating class: aR Standards / Agency information UL DC Recognised, 1000 V d.c. L/R 1mS max.

170M1828 170M1864 

170M1829 170M1865

170M1830 170M1866 

170M1831 170M1867 

170M1832 170M1868 

170M1833 170M1869

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